To be eligible for the SHOOTOUT, entries must be the original work of the entrant; must not infringe third-party's rights; must be suitable for presentation (i.e., may not contain offensive or exploitive material); may not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity; may not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations; and may not contain any copyrighted elements (other than as owned by, or licensed to, the Entrant). Entries containing prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by SHOOTOUT/Filmmakers Alliance, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate, will be disqualified. SHOOTOUT/Filmmakers Alliance reserves the right to make the final determination as to which entries are eligible. SHOOTOUT/Filmmakers Alliance also reserves the right to refuse to screen a finished film by a selected participant based upon any breach of these rules/regulations.

  1. 1. Entrants cannot have been participants of the SHOOTOUT Competition within the previous 18 months.

  1. 2. Entrants must fill out the application on main SHOOTOUT page, submitting the script you intend to make for the competition and a link to at least one of your previous films. You may also select a script from our the Script Pool provided by 3rd Page.

  1. 3. Scripts must not exceed 10 pages, using standard spacing and formatting.

  1. 4. Deadline for submission is Friday, December 30th at midnight.

  1. 5. Submission fee must be received via PayPal by application deadline (see bottom of main SHOOTOUT page). Submissions will not be considered without receipt of fee. Submission fee is non-refundable. If you are submitting more than one script, you must submit a separate application and submission fee for each script.

  1. 6. After selection, participants will be required to sign a Statement of Responsibility form before being eligible to participate in SHOOTOUT. The SR is a declaration that participating filmmakers will behave and produce their films responsibly and assume full liability for ALL issues arising out of the production of their films.

  1. 7. Filming must take place during the official competition period (Jan. 13 to Jan. 15) EXCEPTION: Up to 30 seconds can include previously shot footage or Shutterstock stock footage (stock footage MUST be Shutterstock footage).

  1. 8. Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the official competition Period.

  1. 9. Participating filmmaking teams may cast, rehearse and do all other post-production work anytime prior to the official competition period. Basically, if you are confident of selection, you can start preparing NOW.

  1. 10. Still photographs are permitted, provided that the filmmaking team has the rights to them.

  1. 11. Participating filmmakers must have the rights to any music used in the film. As with music, pre-recorded sound effects are allowed, but you must have rights to use them.

  1. 12. Participating filmmakers will be responsible for maintaining and protecting all equipment provided by SHOOTOUT/Filmmakers Alliance. Participating filmmakers will be liable for all loss and damage.

  1. 13. All participating filmmakers must provide a valid I.D. (passport, driver's license) and a valid credit card with an open balance of at least $2500 as protection against any loss/damage of equipment provided by SHOOTOUT/Filmmakers Alliance.

  1. 14. All costs associated with the production of the Entry are solely the responsibility of the Entrant.

  1. 15. Participating filmmakers must secure releases for talent, music and locations (and any other applicable releases), when necessary, to screen film and post online.

  1. 16. Cast and crew Safety are of premium importance. Any filmmaker reported to have breached standard safety procedures and filmmaking protocol, will be immediately disqualified from the competition.

  1. 17. Animal safety, like cast and crew safety, is an important part of SHOOTOUT. Films that result in ANY harm to an animal will be disqualified.

  1. 18. Delivery requirements for finished films from participating filmmakers:

QuickTime File

1920 x 1080

Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)

23.98 fps

Must deliver on a portable hard drive - NO THUMBDRIVES

  1. 19. The Entrant should not distribute their entry/video in any way prior to it receiving its official SHOOTOUT premiere screening on January 15th, 2017. This includes uploading the video to any website or screening the film for groups of anyone other than the team.

  1. 20. Judging of Entries: Entries will be judged by a group of industry veterans based on the following judging criteria:

Tension, Humor (if applicable), Theme and Story-telling - 35%

Film language, Originality, Visual style - 35%

Technical Merit  - 30%

  1. 21. Participants must be present at the screening event on Sunday, January 15th to be eligible for the competition prize.

  1. 22. Winners will be announced and posted online on Monday, January 16th.

  1. 23. The Prize Package of cash and filmmaking resources shall only be made available for use on the winning filmmaker's next film. Resources shall be provided to the winning filmmaker as requested and available. Cash shall be remitted to winning filmmaker upon delivery of first cut of winning filmmaker's next film.

  1. 24. SHOOTOUT Organizer: Filmmakers Alliance

Rules and Regulations