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If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to join our FA crew in LA - or simply want to learn more


Or start your own FA Crew in another city.....

...anywhere in the world, simply send an email to us at Tell us the city you are in, some background information about yourself or your group and we’ll contact you. If you’re a good match for us, we’ll guide you in creating the following services and programs:

- Seminars

- Discussion Forums

- Writers Groups

- Staged Readings

  1. -Feedback Sessions

  2. -FA Social Hang

  3. -3rd Page

  4. -Film Screenings

  5. -Fiscal Sponsorship

  6. -Filmmaking Resources

- Independent Film Master Class

  1. -And Much More

Here’s what membership in Filmmakers Alliance gets you:

  1. Member connectivity. Hook up with your filmmaking comrades. Get info, support and crew. Go make films together.

  1. Profile pages. Detail who you are, what you’re making and what you need. Upload pics and videos. Create groups, forums and events.

  1. Filmmaking Resources. Actor, crew and vendor databases. Job board. Production forms. Software downloads and more.

  1. Key links to sites, blogs, tools and other great filmmaking info and stuff!!

  1. Donations, discounts, promotions and other partner offers. We will be brokering new discounts for FA members on an on-going to such things as equipment purchase/rental, insurance packages, software, site subscriptions, Org memberships, festival/competition submissions, event fees, seminars, workshops, and more.

  1. Competitions. A great opportunity to get something done and potentially win valuable filmmaking prizes!

  1. Regional membership events including the following:

                - Membership Meetings

                - Seminars

                - Discussion Forums

                - Writers Groups

                - Staged Readings

                - Feedback Sessions

                - Social Meet-ups

                - Film Screenings

  1. Automatic enrollment in FA’s “Frequent Filmmaker Program”. Earn points for ANY online activity (posts, responses, click-thrus, purchases, etc.) which you can then redeem for tons of GREAT filmmaking stuff. Join NOW and get 1,000 points! That’s an awesome jumpstart on your free filmmaking reward.

  1. Fiscal Sponsorship

  1. 3rd Page

  1. Independent Film Master Class

So, come be a part of the filmmaking community that Film Stuff called "one of the ten best filmmaking websites". You’ll get the connectivity, information, resources and support you've always needed, but now you'll also get an immense package of benefits that will make your filmmaking life cheaper and easier - freeing you to be the filmmaker you were born to be. For just $19.99 per year.


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